Puerto Rico Birth Certificate

In this page you will get the updated Puerto Rico Birth Certificate information, details , fees, address and phone number 207-287-1919 issued by Puerto Rico State Vital Records located at 414 Barbosa Avenue, Lincoln Building, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How to get a new birth certificate in Puerto Rico?

You can get a new birth certificate in Puerto Rico or a copy online and additional birth records at the state official vital records website:


Use the following Puerto Rico State Vital Records address to get a new or copy of a birth certificate:

Puerto Rico State Vital Records
St.: 414 Barbosa Avenue, Lincoln Building
City: San Juan
State: Puerto Rico
Zip Code: 00925
Phone Number: 787-765-2929

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Puerto Rico Birth Certificate FAQ

What is the cost for a copy of a birth certificate in Puerto Rico?
The cost for a copy of a birth certificate in Puerto Rico state is $5.

How many newborns are there in Puerto Rico?
According to the National Vital Statistics System, there were 20,353 new births in the state of Puerto Rico in 2019.

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Why You Need Your Birth Certificate
Watch this video to understand what you need to do and the importance of birth certificates.

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